With a team of highly accomplished fitness coaches, we aim to offer top-quality training programs to Ridgefield residents of all fitness levels. Our passion and enthusiasm for wellness have helped us develop classes for people with different strengths, preferences, and health goals. Don’t let the fear of failure prohibit you from joining one of our upcoming classes.

Small Group


Strength in numbers

During group fitness classes, physical and mental health are seen as the cornerstones of our client’s well-being. Members will be coached in a small group setting to help counterbalance their strengths and weaknesses, both physical and emotional. With an emphasis on strength and movement, the aim of these classes is to balance friendship, fitness, and fun.

functional strength training

Sometimes you need to train smarter and harder. Weight training sessions are designed to improve your technique, determination, and overall strength. By leveraging stationary equipment, free weights, and bodyweight exercise, our staff is here to help you take your lifting to the next level.   



Our metabolic conditioning sessions employ a series of exercises known as HIIT, or high-intensity interval training. Great for people of all fitness levels, HIIT workouts will focus on alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercises with less intense recovery periods, using various equipment and machines.